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Fancy gear means nothing if you can't trust what comes out of the speakers.

What My Clients Are Saying

I've been lucky enough to work with some very talented people.

Whether it’s for my own music productions or for companies such as Microsoft and Xbox, there’s no other person I trust more with my content. Brian’s attention to detail is insane and always results in a finished product that exceeds expectations and amplifies the spirit of my music. Nothing gets released until he gets his hands on it.

Caesar Filori of Microsoft Game Studios

For over ten years, Brian has taken every one of my tracks to the next level – five albums plus several singles and EPs. His collaborative working style allows me to tweak my mixes for best mastering impact, resulting in a world-class sound to our records. After Brian finishes his process, I know I can get the tracks played on radio and licensed into film, TV or elsewhere.

Keith Gillard of Fidgital

As a company that caters to the tastemaker music licensing community, ZYNC Music Group turns to Resonance Mastering for all our mastering needs. I trust Brian to make everything sound perfect in a short time frame, while helping us problem solve, create edits on the spot – whatever we need. His knowledge is truly amazing and it shows in his work.

Marisa Baldi of ZYNC Music Group

I don’t just like working with Brian Hazard, I actually just plain like Brian Hazard. Besides his obvious mastery of mastering, which has given a brilliant sheen to everything from club bangers to novelty songs, he indulges even my dumbest questions and most insane worries as if they were neither dumb nor insane. Astronomically talented yet blessedly down-to-earth, he’s my secret weapon.

Charlie Mason of Ninthwave Records

After nearly two decades of working together, I still turn to Resonance Mastering whenever I need the job done right — rock solid work, with an ear sensitive to the artistic side of the music.

Todd Durrant of A Different Drum

There is no question that mastering a project can bring out the best in your music. Brian’s hands on approach is unique, his ears are golden, and his attention to detail is on a level that I have never experienced. Thanks Brian for your work and great sense of humor!

Bill Bixler of The Blue

We were very pleased with the work Brian did for us on our Synthesizer album.  The price was right, the turnaround was quick, and the sonics were impeccable. Highly recommended.

Paul Robb of Information Society

I’ve hired Brian on multiple occasions and will continue to do so. His work is exemplary, his manner is professional, and he’s extremely easy to work with.  He has a great ear and his services are an excellent value for the money, so I find myself returning to Resonance Mastering again and again.  I recommend him highly!

David Ortega of Boston Soundlabs

I know that my music will sound good on pretty much anything after Brian does his magic! He also serves as my sonic “reality check” and points out any items in the mix that need attention before mastering.

Heather Valey of Multimedia Games

Trust is the first word that comes to mind when working with Brian. After spending countless hours, months, or years on an album, a fresh perspective is invaluable. I trust Brian to work with the mix and provide insight; I learn things for the future and ultimately Brian provides the best sonic quality in mastering.

Chris Ianuzzi of I, Synthesist

  • Caesar Filori
  • Keith Gillard
  • Marisa Baldi
  • Charlie Mason
  • Todd Durrant
  • Bill Bixler
  • Paul Robb
  • David Ortega
  • Heather Valey
  • Chris Ianuzzi